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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tamileelam reach out to the extended hand of support of Tamilnadu

The Political Head of the LTTE, B Nadesan, issued a statement that symbolized the Tamileelam nation reaching out to the extended hand of support of Tamilnadu.

His statement highlighted the unjust reality of the isolation of the struggle of the people of Tamileelam by the world and the solo hand of support extended by the people of Tamilnadu.

A condensed version of the statement follows:

“We are encouraged by the united support extended by political parties of Tamilnadu for the people of Tamileelam struggling for their rights amidst aerial bombardments and artillery fire.

This genocidal war is heaping indescribable misery on our people. Our people are chased out from their own land and they are displacing daily in large numbers. The people of our proud nation are forced to live like nomads under trees.

All the Sinhala political parties are united in their support of the Rajapakse’s genocidal war against the Tamileelam people. The enemy States of India is supporting this genocidal war. Some other States are also extending economic support. The Sinhala State is trying to defeat the just struggle of the Tamileelam people by gathering together this support from the world. The Sinhala regime is conducting this genocidal war convinced that no one will raise their voice in support for our people. Despite these great odds, the Tamileelam people have waged a brave struggle with dedication and immense sacrifices.

In this context, the support extended by Tamilnadu to our people would send shockwaves to the chauvinistic Sinhala regime.

It is a historical tragedy that the proud Tamil people have no state of their own. We gratefully take extended hand of support to our people who are struggling to setup an independent state for the Tamil people.

We express our deep gratitude for this united stance of Tamilnadu political parties. It is the sincere hope of our people that your support will develop into even stronger political actions in support of our people.

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