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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cho Ramaswamy claims Tamil Nadu campaigns are just political posturing

Veteran Indian Political Commentator Cho Ramaswamy speaking to BBC Tamil Service on Tuesday October 7th said the present campaigns by all Tamil Nadu (TN) parties on Sri Lanka Tamils is nothing but ‘just talk’.

Replying to a question, if the activities mounted by the Indian parties appear to be “critical of the appearance of India helping Sri Lanka on the military drive”, he said a meaningful stand is any of the party truly coming forward to contest the election on this issue.

Several Tamil Nadu political parties have ratcheted up their campaigns, calling for a halt to military campaign by Sri Lanka and seek a political settlement.

Commenting on the fast organized by the State Communist Party of India (CPI) on October 2nd, Cho Ramaswamy stated this party never raised the Tamil issue with any seriousness with the Indian Government while they were in a position to do so. He added CPI raised several other critical matters time to time with the centre while they were influential. But CPI never talked about Sri Lankan Tamils during that period, he pointed out.

Cho S. Ramaswamy is best known for his political comments that irk all Indian parties, particularly of those Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. His popular satirical magazine ‘Thuglak’ celebrated 38th anniversary of publication in January 2008.

Not only the Dravidian parties, he quipped even the recent Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) statements on the Sri Lankan issue too are just ‘pure talk’, geared to appear as ‘pro-Tamil’ amidst similar chorus.

Cho Ramaswamy however asserted there is “full support among the people (of Tamil Nadu) for Tamils to live with equal rights like the Sinhalese (within a united Sri Lanka)”.

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