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Friday, October 17, 2008

'Record won't be Sachin's motivating force'

Mumbai: One time Team India's psychologist Dr Rudi Webster has kept a congratuatory message ready to be delivered to Sachin Tendulkar.

On the eve of the Mohali Test against Australia, Tendulkar has been advised by Webster "to seize the moment of scoring another 15 runs and enjoy the world record".

"Sachin being a strong man may find some nervousness in the initial phase of the match but would certainly achieve this target," the West Indian pshchologist, who has also worked with the Indian team in the past, said from his Barbados residence.

"I am sure that the record will be at the back of Sachin's mind but that won't be his motivating force in the next Test. Wanting to do well to help his team beat Australia will be much more important to him. Out-thinking, out-planning and out-performing the Australians will therefore be in the forefront of his mind.

"Of course, when he breaks Lara's record he will be very happy and he will probably look back at his career with pride and say to himself, 'I gave cricket everything I had and to have scored more Test runs than anyone else is a singular achievement and great honour. I hope that during my years on the field I was able to entertain the crowds and bring hope and joy to the lives of the millions of people who have watched me over the years'.

"Sachin does not have to prove anything to anyone. He has done it all. I hope that he will give us another year or two because I believe that with a few minor mental adjustmments he could still be a great force in world cricket."

"I know that the whole of India will be ecstatic when Sachin breaks the record. But that admiration will not be limited to India. It will be shared by millions of people around the world who love and respect him. Sachin is a modest man and is the epitome of the quiet achiever. He has been a great ambassador for India and In some respects he has been the face of India in many parts of the world.

"I shall certainly send a congratulatory note to him once he creates the new world record," he signed off.

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